Mercado Art Studio is a safe and respectful space for everyone, especially women, BIPOC, and LBTQ. In exchange for access to the studio, all visitors agree to our policies and safety guidelines. 

We ask that you maintain a professional demeanor around your fellow clay community members and help with the cleanliness of the studio. 


  • Due to the volatile nature of ceramics, Mercado Art Studio is not responsible for any damages to student pieces at any stage of processing. Variations in size or color, cracks, or explosions in the kiln may occur.
  • Due to the schedule of kiln firings, there may be delays with the finishing of student pieces.
  • Students are responsible for picking up their pieces once they are ready. Mercado Art Studio is not responsible for any work left longer than 30 days.


  • Always follow the instructions of your teacher.
  • Keep hair tied back, trim nails, and avoid wearing jewelry (like rings).
  • Do not wear open-toed or heeled shoes.
  • Please wear a face covering indoors to minimize the spread of Covid-19.


We understand that emergencies happen. We require 24 hour notice if you cannot attend class. Please call us at (954) 374-9387 if you want to reschedule a class and we will make arrangements. Cancellations made within 24 hours before scheduled class will not receive a refund.