MARCH 17, 2024

TIME: 3:00PM-6:00PM

M A S is proud to announce our first visiting artist workshop of the year.

Tere Pensel, a clothing designer by trade, is a ceramic artist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Pensel is also currently pursuing a degree in Graphic Design.

She studied ceramics at Emilio Villafañe Municipal Ceramics Institute, in Buenos Aires. In her ceramics works she utilizes native hand-building techniques, combining the pinch pot and coil building technique, adding clay where the shape requires it.
Pensel contemporary decorative works can be found at interior design stores in Buenos Aires. She also works on commission for architecture and interior design studios.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to use hand-building (manual) techniques to build a vessel using a light or a dark colored clay of your choice. You will learn how to wedge clay, so that it acquires the ideal consistency. The instructor will guide you on how to prepare coils, evenly, rolling them slowly to achieve a desirable shape. With the material ready, you will begin construction, shaping the vessel in a step by step process. As you develop your unique vessel you'll learn how to reinforce the jointures using a sewing techniques on clay.

This workshop is 3 hours long with a break in between, snacks and beverages will be provided by the studio.

Once your vessel is constructed, we'll store it at the studio and put it through the  drying process and subsequent firing. When we have them ready in1-2 weeks, we will notify you so that you can pick them up.

This is a beginners friendly workshop, no previous experience is necessary to participate.

 More about Tere Pensel:

"I began work with clay in 2018, attending a nearby workshop. I had been attracted to this activity since I was very young, but I had not had the opportunity, due to work and family commitments, to dedicate myself to it.

From that moment until today, I followed a path of research and my own experience, based on contact with the materials, the training received and the rich exchange with my colleagues, essential to grow and broaden my horizon as an artist.
Modeling clay was such a powerful experience, it completely captured me.
I think the wonderful thing about what we do with our hands is realizing what we are capable of creating, we are surprised, we feel proud.
I can see the reaction of my students when they receive their baked piece, their happiness excites me."

-Tere Pensel