About This Event:

Not to be missed!

This pottery night event is perfect for a date with your significant other or with a friend. Each attendee will get an opportunity to make up to two pieces of pottery each in a instructor-led class. From 7:00pm to 9:00pm each attendee will be assigned a potter's wheel, an instuctor will demonstrate how to center clay, pull up the walls, and shape your vessels into a cup, bowl/dish or vase. You will get a basic introduction to the tools used for clay throwing and how set up /clean up your potter’s wheel. Wine, crackers, cheese and pastries will be served during this event. We'll have non-alcholic drinks available as well.

Event time: 7pm-9pm | 2hrs

What’s Included:

The price listed is $95 per person and it inlcudes an Instructor-led 2 hour class . All clay, tools and aprons will be included, as well as the two firings and glazing of your clay creations. Wine and non alchoholic drinks, crackers, cheese and pastries are also included. A studio tech will be handling your work and applying the glaze color of your choice. A courtesy text will be sent out when your works is ready for pickup.

The Aftermath:

After your class, we will be processing your works in our studio. First, the piece must be allowed to get ‘bone dry’, then it will be fired to bisque ware. Then one of our studio techs will glaze your work for you based on the color you’ve chosen, and then it will be put back on the shelves to await the next glaze firing. Please allow two to four weeks lead times. 

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